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Andrea Grant is an Italian film music composer.

After graduating in Composition from Conservatorio di Santa Cecilia, Rome, he achieved awards  such as 1st Prize "Young Composer 2015" at Transatlantyk Film Music Competition and 1st Grand Prize at the Oticons International Film Music Competition 2015; Winner of the Immediate Music Award 2015 and Finalist Nominee for SABAM at World Soundtrack Awards 2017.

As a composer he writes music for film (Dakota, The Letter, Graybeard, Set Me Free), trailers (Immediate Music), TV Shows (Sky, Rai, La7), documentaries and commercials.

Andrea Grant is represented by the OTICONS AGENCY, for any enquiries:

E-Mail: christopoulosg@oticons.com

Phone: +30 69 77 77 69 52

For any other info: info@andreagrantcomposer.com